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Toddler Curriculum

At L.E.A.P Childcare, we offer childcare services for children over 1 year old.  We believe guiding children to master their basic needs (eat, sleep and play) and allowing them to explore (sensory materials) in a safe environment are the foundation to nurturing a healthy happy child.  Furthermore, children are able to practice everyday to be socially responsible in different social settings to prepare them for preschool.  Similar to our preschool program, toddlers will be guided directly and indirectly to practice their basic needs and master them while exploring and learning throughout the day. 

Connecting parents and guardians with our daycare


We understand it is difficult to miss some of the children's early childhood development and would like to work with each family to share the children's milestones with parents and guardians. 

We believe a great way for parents to have a good insight of what our daycare offers is to provide them with instant photos and videos of what the children are learning and developing. We are proud to announce that we have adopted the fresh grade program to update parents what the children are learning, exploring and playing. Parents will be able to enjoy videos and pictures with descriptions of the objective of the exercises while away from their children. 

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