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L.E.A.P was founded and established by Kathy Mai. Inspired by her daughter Emily and her love for teaching, she sought to create a place where children could learn, explore and play in a positive nurturing environment.  The result was L.E.A.P childcare, an embodiment of the perfect balance between developmental activities in a fun safe environment while practicing positive behaviours in different social settings.

The Team 



Lead Early Childhood Educator

Shivani Sondhi is the main early childhood educator at L.E.A.P Childcare.  With a strong background in early childhood education, she is passionate about providing quality educational childcare to the community and believes the importance to act as a positive role model in front of children as she guides them throughout the day.   Her lessons are hands on, fun and educational.  Her lessons are mixed with open ended and closed ended activities to help children practice expanding their ideas as well as following instructions. 

About LEAP


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