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                                                                      Kick Start Program


The kick start program is a pre-reading ear training program based on Fun Family Phonics, including names, sounds, and shapes of the alphabet letters and blending 3-letter words.  (4+ years old)

The kick start program is a beginner's reading and writing program that helps young children learn about the sounds of the alphabet, its name and blending 3 letter words together.  The lessons are taught through a multi sensory approach; the children will have the opportunity to play games, sing songs, practice drawing, printing and reading in class.  The purpose of the program is to help young children be confident to read and write independently and as a group, relate words to pictures and start putting their thoughts onto paper.


                                                               The overview of the program


                                                                     Learning sight words

                                                                Prepositions showing position 

                                                                    Fun Family members

                                                                      Lap board printing

                                                                            Ear training 

                                                                         3 letter words 

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