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Science/History/ Geography


To help children understand history, children are shown the different seasons in the year, calendar activities and dates to help them understand the past, present and future.  

Living in a multicultural place, geography is a fun and related subject to expose the children to.  The children will be provided with the opportunity to learn about different countries around the world and what makes the places special.  This allows the children to connect with their peers, ask questions and explore while being open minded by welcoming diversity with positivity.  

Every week, the children will be provided with the opportunity to learn and explore science activities and experiments.  Simple but mind teasing activities and topics about the human body, insects, animals, solar system, plants and the world around us are introduced to children.  Other science topics children will be observing are: geology and chemistry. 



At L.E.A.P childcare, we use concrete materials in the daily activities to help children understand the concept of mathematics.  Some of the activities at L.E.A.P that helps strengthen children's understanding of mathematics are the following:

1. Sensory math activities such as measuring tangible items are given to children to explore mathematics.

2. Shapes and colour activities are given to children to explore and learn how shapes are related to real things.

3. Patterns are important and practiced at daycare through interactive play and individual activities.  The children are encouraged to create their own patterns and in open ended and closed ended activities. 

4. Counting and number recognition.  The children are encouraged to learn counting and number recognition through learning games, memory games and physical activities. Printing numbers are also encouraged through fun worksheets. 



Language is practiced everyday to help children find ways to express themselves in a calm manner.  The programs are designed to encourage children to use the whole body to express their thoughts and feelings. 

The activities offered at L.E.A.P Childcare that helps strengthen their body and verbal language are the following:

1.  Daily circle time.  This helps children practice respecting each other's space, listening skills and social skills while learning new topics every month. 

2. Story time.  This helps children practice respecting each other's space, listening skills and social skills while learning new topics every month.  In addition, the children will benefit from listening to fiction and nonfiction stories and discussing about the different lessons from the stories.  

3.  Show and Tell.  Part of the child's development is to talk about what they are proud of and share them with their peers.  Show and Tell is also the time where children put thoughts into words, build confidence, share and practice respecting their classmates special items.  

4. Daily activities.  During the children's lessons, they are continuously learning how to talk to one another, how to read each other and respect each other.  It takes a lot of patience and practice; thus, at L.E.A.P Childcare, we believe in providing children with ample opportunity to work on this skill by indirectly and directly guiding them.  

5. Solution board.  To help children express themselves, L.E.A.P Childcare has implemented a picture solution board for children to help them find their own solutions.  The children are encouraged to find solutions and talk about it.  

L.E.A.P Childcare also encourages young readers and writers.  L.E.A.P Childcare adopted the Fun Family Phonics program and teaches preschool children to read and write during daycare. Furthermore, we also offer the continuation of the program (Kick start and Ready to Read) to help children excel in language. 


Music is a wonderful way to encourage children to express themselves differently in different settings at the same time they exercise and have fun.  

Some of the music activities at L.E.A.P Childcare are the following:

1. Kindermusik.  Kindermusik is a specialized music program that promotes overall learning in the following areas:  Creativity, listening skills, self esteem, lifelong love of music, pre keyboard skills, balance and coordination, problem solving, vision and focus, language and literacy, emotional and social skills.

2.  Creative movement.  Every month there is a theme for creative movements.  Each creative movement unit has 4 parts and promotes creative movements in fun exciting ways. 

3.  Yoga/Dance movement.  When weather is not permitted for the children to go outdoors, the children will have the opportunity to dance in fun ways and practice yoga indoors.  The children and teachers definitely get a good work out when the dance party is on!

Physical Activities


Large motor skills are practiced daily for 1 hour. The children are encouraged to have free play outside.  Furthermore, nature walks and parks are offered when weather permits.  Days where the weather is comfortable, the children are brought outside to have additional free play time.    




Art is a wonderful way for children to express themselves and to be creative.  The children will have the opportunity to make beautiful open ended and closed ended art while practicing their fine motor skills and creativity.    

Behavioural Guidance


Behavioural guidance is another development we focus on at the daycare.  We believe with good behavioural guidance, the child will excel in all developmental areas.  Therefore, we indirectly and directly guide children to practice good manners and behaviours throughout the day. Furthermore, a positive solution board is given to children to help them practice selecting a solution that is appropriate in different social settings. 



In the afternoon, a scheduled drama time is offered to children to listen to stories, act it out and express their version of the story.  This helps promote creativity and allows them to work together to give a performance.   

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