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                                                                        Ready to read program 

The ready to read program is a comprehensive literacy program based on Fun Family Phonics, including reading, writing, spelling, creative writing and reader's theatre.  (5+ years old)

The ready to read program is a continuation of the kick start program.  The ready to read program helps children understand the phonetic structure of the English language so that they can build new words with confidence and become good at reading and spelling.  The program consists of reading 20 stories from the fun family series.  Each class emphasizes on one phonetic construct.  The phonetic construct is embedded in the story.  This would help each child learn the meaning with its expression while learning the phonetic construct.  

                                                               The Overview of the Program

Review words and phonics

Listen to 20 stories from the Fun Family series

Read, recognize and match sentence strips, flash cards

Print sentences from the stories with guided printing techniques (letter formation regarding skill, grass and soil, finger spacing)

Find words with the phonetic construct, discuss about it, dramatize it, sing the song about it, list many words containing the new construct

Spell the phonetic construct and list of words

Read the 98 Fun Family Fair Stories and discussing the new phonetic construct, making flash cards and practicing finding the new construct

Play games to review the phonetic constructs


Creative writing is another component of the ready to read program.  It starts with book 2 and it helps promote creativity by providing children the opportunity to expand further with their thoughts.


Reader's Theatre is the last component of the ready to read program.  This is where each child will read a strip from the book (each child will play a character or narrator from the story) and act it out. 

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